Microsoft Dynamics Supplemental Series


DynaRentDynaRent is designed for businesses that specialize in equipment rental. It supports businesses with either simple or complex rental needs. It enables you to enter rental orders quickly and easily and to keep track of rental equipment. Advanced features offer capabilities required in complex, multi site organizations. Click here for datasheet download.
DynaTimeDynaTime lets you automatically collect employee labor hours and calculate overtime.  Capture your employee's time on a real time basis and use the hours for payroll or for job or work order shop floor data collection.  You can save the scanned time for analysis using DynaTime inquiry and reporting and the forward it automatically into the Dynamics production or job accounting modules.  Click here for datasheet download.
DynaAlerts With DynaAlerts, you can automatically send emails to either customers, vendors or internal staff.  Use DynaAlerts to become more efficient by automatically e-mailing:

(1) Customer-facing documents like order acknowledgements
(2) Internal alerts to management and staff
(3) Purchase orders to vendors

You can even use the order status feature to let customers request an e-mail status of their own orders, saving them from calling customer service.  Click here for datasheet download
Product Configurator The Product Configurator for Dynamics SL enables "make-to-order" manufacturers to dynamically configure a finished product when a customer orders specific configurations from a family of items defined by their parts or components. Click here for datasheet download.

Rebate and Commissions Manager

The Rebate and Commissions Manager enables distributors and manufacturers to automatically create rebate payments to customers and commission payments to salespeople and brokers based on individual items sold. The Rebate and Commissions Manager is designed to save time and effort in the calculation, processing, and tracking of rebates and commission payments. Click here for datasheet download.
UPS Shipping InterfaceThe UPS Shipping Interface is designed for businesses that ship a larger volume of packages via UPS.  The UPS Shipping Interface integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics SL. Order Management, sending updated ship-to address information for each outbound package and receiving back freight cost and tracking information. Click here for datasheet download.
Material Requirements PlanningThe Dynamics SL Material Requirements Planning module enables both make-to-order and make-to-stock manufacturers to automatically create time phased planning documents to satisfy customer demand. With Material Requirements Planning, you will be able to determine what inventory to make, what to buy and when to execute. Click here for datasheet download.

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